Borka Tools

     Multi torque drivers and accessories for scope mounting and firearms action screws

To purchase our new, for 2014, MG15 and MG17 multi torque driver kits, and various PTL kits, including very popular PTL-SCAR in 62 inch-lbs. for FNH-SCAR model 16/17 barrel change, please visit our new online store:

FYI, new MG15 kit replaced MG5 kit, while new MG17 kit replaced MG7 kit. Both of these kits include 2014 model re-designed multi torque driver, which now has a torque range from 12 inch-lbs. to 85 inch-lbs. Pre-2014 kits, specifically MG2, MG5, MG7 and MG9, are no longer available. In the nearest future, this website will be updated to reflect expansion of our product lines.

Here is the link to the Youtube video demonstration of the new MTD-1285-12FS-MG multi torque driver, which is included into MG17 and MG15 kits. Please watch it in addition to reading the user guide. Multi torque driver is easy to set up and use, but it needs to be done correctly in order to apply tightening torque with high accuracy.